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Watch: Kittens pounce and play at the St. Louis Aquarium

Three adorable kittens got the run of the aquarium. The result? Pure cuteness.

ST. LOUIS — If you need a reason to smile today, take 90 seconds to watch the video in this story. It’s got kittens, and otters, and stingrays, and fish. Need we say more?

Three tiny, fuzzy cats were given VIK (that’s Very Important Kitten) access to the St. Louis Aquarium, and the result was nothing short of pure, adorable wholesome cuteness.

The kittens – Verity, Case and Axiom – got the run of the place, pouncing, pawing and chasing fish on the other side of the exhibits. And as seen in the video from the aquarium, the interest was mutual. Several fish slowly swam up to acrylic windows to get a better look at the playful cats.

But the wave of animal cuteness didn’t end there. The kittens also got to meet the aquarium’s three equally-as-playful otters: Thatcher, Sawyer and Finn. The result? Otter adorableness.

All three kittens and their mom are available for adoption from Stray Rescue St. Louis.

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