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Countdown to baby Corey: What to pack in your hospital bag

Here are the items soon-to-be moms should have in their bags:

ST. LOUIS — When it comes to labor, there's nothing more unexpected. So Today in St. Louis anchor Allie Corey wanted to make sure her bag was packed for the hospital whenever that time comes.

She enlisted the help of Elena Polson, Early Childhood Director for Parkway Schools. Polson is also expecting her first child in just a few weeks.

Here are the items she recommends soon-to-be moms have in their bags:

1. Comfy clothes (Slippers, sleep clothes and a robe)

2. Toiletries (shower products, toothbrush, chapstick etc.)

3. Blanket and onesies for baby

4. Phone charger, phone and book

5. Copies of birth plan to give to nurses

6. Snacks for you and the nurses

7. Your own pillow and blanket

8. An outfit for you and baby to go home in

5 On Your Side received hundreds of responses on social media from viewers to Corey on their own must-have bag items:

Karla Finke says a regular phone charger will not do: “Extension cord for your phone charger !!!!”

Julie Henson says finding ways to keep things organized will help take the load off: “ A folder for all the papers they give you that way everything is together and easy to find later.”

Chrissy Rosey says it's all about staying comfortable: “Bring smooth music, heating pad for back.”

According to the comments, the top three items to bring are long phone chargers, chapstick and slippers.

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