As most of you know, I joined the mom club about four months ago when my baby boy Kingston was born. It has been the most incredible experience of my life, but it has also been the hardest. 

Since announcing my pregnancy, so many of our wonderful Today in St. Louis viewers have reached out to me on social media with the most uplifting words of advice and wisdom. Your stories have kept me going and reassured me that I'm not alone. A simple 'you got this mom' can mean so much when you haven't slept in days. 

Motherhood is a title that changes your life, so I wanted to start an open dialogue with all the moms in St. Louis about the things we face every day. The good, the bad and the ugly! We will tackle all topics surrounding mom life based on what you share with me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

We will have advice from an expert to help guide us through the challenges that motherhood brings. 

'Mom guilt'

This week, we talked about the basic struggles moms deal with and a common theme was mom guilt. I asked our mom expert, or 'momspert,' Suzanne Tucker to weigh in on this. Tucker is a mom of four and parent educator. She also launched Generation Mindful, a toolkit for parents to help their children understand and play through their emotions.

"What I can tell you about mom guilt is that it's nearly universal. The best thing to do is to just notice it and name it. Name it, to tame it," Tucker explained.

She said instead of using the word should, try saying will or want. The word should puts unnecessary pressure on us. By getting rid of should, you remove some of that guilt. 

For more from Tucker click here or watch the video below.

Please share your ideas and thoughts with me so we can lift each other up! We're in this together! 

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