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St. Charles brewery expansion means new beer and cider too

Plans are to expand both their brewing capacity and the tap and game rooms.

Remember those nights hanging out at the roller rink, or the mall arcade, or anywhere where you pumped quarters into the neighborhood Pac Man or Asteroids video game? Back in the early 80s, we were too young to play those games and drink beer. Now, we can drink beer, but most of the games are nearly gone.

Except for the ones salvaged, rebuilt and now on display inside the Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade in St. Charles County. And thanks to the growing resurgence of these vintage games, along with some pretty damn fine beer, our opportunities to enjoy both is expanding.

Today, Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade, located in St. Charles announced plans to expand with an additional location and arcade which will help them better meet customer demand for their style of service.


The current location, will of course remain open and serve as the main hub for customers. The new location will allow Two Plumbers to expand both their brewing capacity and the tap and game rooms. "We started with small 2bbl equipment to get the doors open and thankfully the demand is growing much faster then we expected," said Robert Schowengerdt, co-owner of Two Plumbers. "A year-and-a-half in and we’ve hit max capacity. The most taps we’ve managed to have on at once was seven but two busy months in a row brought us down to only 4 or 5. Our customers like our beer and we want to be able to have more options available and keep the best sellers around longer."

The expansion will allow Two Plumbers Brewing to more available for private events, without having to close the main taproom. "We get a lot of requests for everything from wedding receptions to work parties and fundraisers. We would love to host them but we don’t like to close to the public," said Schowengerdt.

This will let them do both. The event space taproom will actually be bigger then their current spot and the brewery will add more seating rather than more games. "We plan to keep that around 40 games just like now. Some will be the same and some will be different."

The new facility will be located at 745 Friedens Road, right next door to the popular vodka distillery, The St. Louis Distillery. "Our new neighbors happen to make some really great vodkas that so we plan to bug them about collaborations," said Schowengerat.

With expansion comes new beer. With such a small brewing capacity, Two Plumbers has admittedly played it safe by just making beer they knew people really enjoy. "With the bigger system we will be able to have that handle the regular beers and we can use our 2bbl for more experimentation," said Schowengerat.

Also in their plans are the possibility to make some ciders on the smaller equipment. "We sell more cider here than we ever expected to and we would love to be the ones making it," said Schowengerat.

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