ST. LOUIS — There are certain things you can count on in St. Louis: Hot weather, great baseball and incredible Italian food. 

This week, I stopped by Dominic’s for food picks.

When you do something for 50 years, sometimes your energy starts to wane. It hasn’t for Dominic Galati. He still works every day. He owns and operates two restaurants: one in Clayton and one on The Hill. Some restaurateurs are businessmen and not chefs. Some are chefs and not businessmen. Dominic is both. He lives and dies it.

I have known him for years, not well, but have admired him from a distance. He used to come and eat my grandmother’s food at Kemoll’s. He worked at Tony’s. And he always had a great partner in his path to perfecting his restaurant, his wife Jackie. They serve up continental Italian cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. He’s old school-white table cloth and never a fork out of place.

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