I am a lover of food. If I were not in sports or coaching, I would be working in the restaurant business.

However, my older brothers got to run Kemolls first. So I was forced to go into broadcasting.

But my childhood was spent working at the restaurant. I was a glass washer, a coffee maker, a bus boy, a host and did a little cooking.

So that leads me to this week’s food picks.

We went to Sugo’s. It’s one of 7 restaurants of Michael Del Pietro. When he described his childhood, I thought he was describing mine. The biggest difference was he had incredible cooking skills. I didn’t. And to be honest I was more concerned with a perfect jump shot then a perfect red sauce.

Michael is a rare blend of a great chef and a savvy businessman.

How in the world can one man run 7 restaurants? He will tell you he has a great staff, which he does. But the man is brilliant in the business.

If you haven’t been to Sugo’s, I think this piece will make you want to try it. I have never had a bad meal there. Kuna’s provides the raw materials and Michael and his staff make it all work.

Enjoy the story and an upcoming meal.