ST. LOUIS — About 6 months ago, some friends called and said we are going to Peno Soul Food Restaurant.

I have always liked soul food and told them ‘I’m in.’ The restaurant serves soul food with a twist… ‘southern Italian soul food.’ Different than I thought and impressed I was.

The owner is Pepe Kehm. He started working at Rigazzi’s at age 13. He is only 53 but has 40 years in this restaurant business. He kept bringing out dish after dish. Some of the of food I had never even heard of and I have been eating Italian for a long, long time. 

We tried a Potato Pasta. It was spectacular. However, the dish to try is the Calabrian Octopus. It illustrates what the restaurant is all about. Unique and really tasty.

So if you are in Clayton and you are on Wydown make sure to stop, park, eat and enjoy. I am not steering you wrong.

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