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Frank’s Food Picks | This Italian restaurant treats you like family

They treat you like family and if the experience is not perfect, they take it personally.

ST. LOUIS — So we were shooting this week's Frank’s Food Picks at John Mineo’s, and I was looking at all of these wonderful pictures.

Then I saw this picture of 45-year-old John Mineo Senior. I swear, I thought I was looking at a picture of a 45-year-old Frank Cusumano Senior, my dad. 

Carbon copy.

I felt like I was looking at my own family. The mother, Anna, is a sensational cook and a wonderful lady. John Senior started working at a hospital when he came to St. Louis from Palermo. He then worked at Tony’s and saved his money so he could open up his own restaurant. 

John Junior started working there as a kid. But first, he became a legendary football player at Parkway Central.

It’s just a classic Italian restaurant. They treat you like family, and if the experience is not perfect, they take it personally. 

The dish you will see is the Cavatelli Pescatore. I don’t think there is any entrée in town with more seafood in it. However, make sure you try to Sunday Gravy, the red sauce. 

I loved it.  You will too.

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