ST. LOUIS - The axiom about success in the restaurant business is “Location, location location.”  

There are many great restaurants who don’t last because of where it’s located. There are many very average restaurants who survive for years because it’s in such a great spot. You rarely get the combination of great location and great restaurant. I am here to tell you, The Boat House at Forest Park is one of those special places.

The food hasn’t always been great. Then SugarFire took it over. Presto, we have perfection. If you live in our town, you have eaten at one of their locations. Perhaps, you have tried Hi-Point Drive-In. Everything they touch turns to gold.   

If I won the lottery and didn’t have to work, I think I would go to Forest Park every day. I would play golf.  Then walk around the zoo with my bride Monique. And I would finish at The Boat House.