ST. LOUIS - I used to take my family there once a week when the kids were young. Syberg’s has this awesome family pack deal where you get a little bit of everything - pizza, wings, toasted ravs and salad. The kids loved it and it was easy on the pocketbook. I was always impressed with how quickly the food came out and the famous sauce, wow!

Then one day, I decided to try the shark chunks. I fell in love as quickly as I did with my wife. They just taste so fresh and you are dipping in that butter, it’s just crazy good. They sell 60,000 pounds of shark per year. They get it from Trinidad. Who sells shark in St. Louis? You don’t even see it that much in Florida. It is just a must when you go to Syberg’s.

The Syberg family is a dynasty. They don’t really have to work. They have nine restaurants. They sell about 5,000 lunches and dinners per day. Kirk Syberg loves the job and so does his brother, Dennis, who does the cooking. It’s a passion for them. 

Serve good food, do it on time and do it with class — that’s Syberg’s way.

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