ST. LOUIS - Terrasini, Sicily is a lovely town.  It’s one of my favorite places in the world. It’s where my family is from and many still live there. It’s also where another restaurant family has their roots. Vito’s in Midtown.

There were times when I was growing up where all six kids and mom and dad were working at our family restaurant, Kemoll’s, at the same time. 

If you wanted to live in our house, you had to do one of the following at the restaurant: wash glasses, wash dishes, bus tables, wait tables, seat people, make cheese bread, bartend, work the salad station, work the pasta station, make coffee and everything else you could think that is service related.

Vito’s is real similar. The night I was in two of the brothers were working in the kitchen side by side with their mother and the other brother was actually in Terrasini, Sicily with family and gathering recipes. 

You get the picture. It’s a real family restaurant atmosphere.  

The food is authentic. You will love meeting Caterina Maltese the owner and her 3 sons - Gio, Vito and Marco.