ST. LOUIS - The Irish are not known for their cuisine. Maggie O’Brien’s should be. You really can’t get a bad meal. They have a dish on their menu called O’Henessy. I had one the other day and it was so good I had to smoke a cigarette afterwards. Imagine this, a fried chicken breast, deep fried, served on toast and topped with this lemon butter sauce. Oh my goodness.

Often a sports bar will just try to get by with a great beer selection and a lot of great big screens. The McVey family gets after it. Eddie runs the operation, but he’s blessed with a bunch of chefs who never want to leave him.

One of my favorites is his sister, Mary Hellen. She worked at Ameren for 30 years, but she loves to cook.  And the dish we featured was the Reuben Rolls. She makes them with love. And it also doesn’t hurt that the corned beef is cooked for 4 and a half hours and that melted swiss cheese from Kuna is really off the charts. It’s served with a side of Thousand Island and creamy horseradish.

Hopefully, the Blues will be playing for a long time. If you get a chance, head there for a game. It’s wall to wall Blues fans and the beer is flowing. Come hungry. The food will impress you.

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