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Mann Meats barbecue restaurant temporarily closes due to extreme heat, reopens Friday

“It ain’t good cooking in it," Mannecke said. "It ain’t good for nothing. I don’t expect our customers to come out and buy anything."

FLORISSANT, Mo. — The extreme heat forced a Florissant food staple to temporarily close its doors.

Over the years, Bob Mannecke learned a thing or two about working in the heat.

“I remember them days back when I was cutting grass and doing landscaping ... you’d sweat and go set in the truck in the air-conditioning for a little bit,” Bob Mannecke said. “Well, here there is no air-conditioning outside.”

That’s why the Mann Meats owner is keeping the doors closed, where the storefront is air-conditioned.

“It’s just way too hot. This building is so old it works, but I’ve kept the doors closed all day,” Mannecke said. “You get people coming in and out of the door all day the heat comes in and the cold air goes out.  We start sweating and it’s just uncomfortable for everybody.”

However, his kitchen is outdoors where fans struggle to cool anyone off around smokers, which sit at 300 degrees.

“Go outside for a minute or two and you just start sweating in it,” Mannecke said. “It ain’t good for cooking. It ain’t good for nothing. I don’t expect our customers to come out and buy anything. Who’s going to want hot food when it’s 115 degrees out?"

Despite allowing his staff to take the past few days off, it's not stopping Mannecke from manning the grill and doing prep work for prepaid catering.

“I ain’t making a living if they’re sick, passed out, or having a heat stroke,” Mannecke said. “I wouldn’t expect them to work in them conditions to make a few bucks. Stay inside and stay cool.”

Mann Meats will reopen on Friday and maintain their regular weekend hours from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. because temperatures are expected to slowly lower. 

Due to the extreme heat, Mann Meats and the City of Florissant agreed to delay the City Hall Cinema fundraiser until next Wednesday at 6 p.m.

All of the proceeds raised will go to a little girl named Isabella who was born with a rare genetic disorder.

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