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Recipe of the Day: No Bake Vanilla Cookie Bliss Bites

Jennifer McDaniel of McDaniel Nutrition Therapy and her son, Jack, share a quarantine snack recipe.


No Bake Vanilla Cookie Bliss Bites


1 1/2 c. vanilla wafer cookies, divided

12 dates, pitted

1/2 c. rolled oats

1/3–1/2 c. almond butter


In a food processor, combine 1 cup vanilla wafers, pitted dates and rolled oats. Pulse until the mixture is a small to medium crumb.

Transfer ingredients to a medium-sized bowl and add 1/3 cup almond butter. You can add more butter if the mixture is too crumbly to form a ball.

Wipe your food processor clean and add 1/2 cup vanilla wafers. Pulse until crumbs. Place crumbs on a plate.

Roll cookie bites in crumbs for the crumb coating.

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