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Recipe of the Day: Vegan Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Shared by Vegan Deli & Butcher Shop

ST CHARLES, Mo. — Chris Bertke is a chef at Vegan Deli & Butcher Shop. He's showing us how to make the (Vegan) Cheesy Gordita Crunch that he'll be selling at his Taco Hell Pop-Up this weekend.

(Vegan) Cheesy Gordita Crunch


12oz. Favorite vegan beef crumble(I suggest hungry planet)

Standard corn tortilla 5-6” x 6

Pocketless pita bread 6” x 6

1/8” Diced Roma Tomatoes x 2

Finely shredded iceberg lettuce x 1cup worth

Favorite Vegan Ranch dressing x 6oz

Vegan shredded cheese-cheddar & mozzarella x 2 cups each

Oil(your choice canola, vegetable, etc) x 2T

Kosher salt X to taste

Taco seasoning(your favorite) x add to taste


Heat up oven to 425 degrees

Mix shredded cheeses together

Cut down pita to fit perfectly around taco shell

Sprinkle enough cheese to cover pita

Put in the oven on an oven safe tray(uncovered) and just let cheese get slightly melted: NOT totally cooked

Press the cheesy pita gently onto and around the crispy taco until it adheres fully to it. Then set aside temporarily.


Nonstick pan heat to medium

Add oil

Add vegan beef crumbles

Lightly heat up beef crumbles; very little if any browning. Just want it to cook thoroughly/heat

Add salt and taco seasoning to your taste

Add 1/8 cup water and stir all the ingredients so they mix up well


Add vegan beef crumbles

Add shredded lettuce

Add ranch dressing

Add vegan cheese shreds

Add tomatoes

And DONE!!!!

Taco Hell – the All-Vegan Taco Bell Pop-up is Saturday and Sunday, January 16 and 17, at Vegan Deli & Butcher at 524 South Main Street in St. Charles.

For hours and the full menu, visit vegandeliandbutcher.com.

Shared by Luella Gregory of the Missouri Beef Council