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Rosé-flavored berries exist!

Driscoll's has launched limited-edition berries inspired by the color and flavor of rosé wine.
Credit: Getty Images
They’re sweeter and peachier than your usual strawberry or raspberry.

ST. LOUIS — Your two summer favorites are making a mashup!

A berry seller known as Driscoll’s has created strawberries and raspberries that taste like rosé wine.

Although the berries do not actually contain any rosé wine or alcohol of any type, the strawberries were "curated" to mimic rosé’s distinct peach flavor, while also boasting a floral finish.

The rosé raspberries were created by Driscoll's team of breeders, sensory analysts, plant health scientists and entomologists who crossbred a combination of red and golden raspberries.

Though Driscoll's wouldn't disclose exactly how the strawberries were created, the company reiterated that they are not genetically modified and were bred and grown through traditional techniques.

As much as you may want to get your hands on these unique berries, the fruits will only be sold at participating Whole Foods locations in Northern California and at FreshDirect in New York City from June through September of 2019.

However, if the strawberries and raspberries prove to be as popular as the rosé wine itself, the company may make its blush-colored fruit available in more markets in the future.