ST. LOUIS — It's become so cliche, but so what. When snow is coming in, we head out - to our favorite grocery store to stock up on supplies and staples like milk, bread, and eggs.  The joke has become, that these are the ingredients of French Toast.  The joke has gone as far as the creation of the National French Toast Alert System

So, today during our storm coverage on Facebook, the conversation regarding snowfall, turned to food.  We asked you to tell us what food you loved to eat during storms, and your responses were GOLD!

Joe Winkeler got it kicked off with this post, and after that, it just kept on going!

Joe Winkeler · 1:25 Oh. Hey Craig. Still into those nummy seasoned fries or what? 

Cyndy Smothers · 4:40 Pizza rolls 

Nicole Taylor · 10:46 Come to Jerry's Cafeteria to get some comfort food before hunkering down. 

Ed Kofron · 9:34 Chili sounds great! 

Donna Davis-Frazier · 7:25 Sirloin steak tips!yumwith garlic butter 

Charles Negan Greff · 14:33 Stay home stay warm and drink a lot of alcohol 

Dorothy Emery Kindlesparger · 11:44 Snow ice cream???? 

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Ed Kofron · 9:34 Chili sounds great! 

Vicki Sitton · 12:16 Good thing I got extra ice cream. 

Janet C Thomas · 10:44 Homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Come on over! 

Donna Sommer · 10:28 Mac and Cheese - to start 

Linda Huffman Gremminger · 9:42 Pork chops in mushroom gravy 

Christina S Miller · 9:42 BLT From CROWN CANDY Kitchen ! I’m not eating that but I wish I was 

Judi Conway · 7:39 Potato soup is done 

Kimberly Brewer · 8:15 Chicken and hash brown casserole 

Kay Cuneio · 8:39 Homemade vegetable beef soup hot and ready. 

Jessica Johnson · 9:33 Meatloaf/ Mashed Potatoes/ Salad/ Parker House Rolls/ Brownies 

Sarah J. Wildt · 8:54 Pizza, Ted Drewes, Baileys Irish Creme!! 

Maria Elaina Sunshine · 8:19 SHEPPARDS PIE 

Jerod Brewster Thomas · 8:10 Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers 

Deb Jackson · 8:42 Steak, macaroni and cheese and Lucky 🍀 Charms. 😁