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5 places to get toasted ravioli on National Ravioli Day

Here are five places to visit in the St. Louis area to satisfy your toasted ravioli cravings.
Credit: STL Toasted

ST. LOUIS — Monday is National Ravioli Day! Just like Provel cheese and gooey butter cake, toasted ravioli is a signature food in St. Louis cuisine. 

Despite its name, the toasted ravioli is a deep-fried pocket of pasta dough, not a toasted one. It’s often filled with meat, cheese or a combination of the two and served with a sprinkle of grated parmesan on top and a side of marinara or meat sauce for dipping.

The origin story of toasted ravioli is disputed. Oldani’s, now Mama’s on The Hill, claims to have made toasted ravioli in the early 1940s when a tipsy cook accidentally dropped some ravioli in the fryer instead of boiling water. Angelo’s, now Charlie Gitto’s on The Hill, also claimed to be the birthplace of toasted ravioli in 1947 with a similar mishap story.

No matter how they were created, St. Louisans have a special place in their heart for the fried pillows of pasta that are fondly referred to as t-ravs. Whether you’re looking for traditional toasted ravioli or a unique spin on the dish, here are five places to visit in the St. Louis area to satisfy your t-rav cravings.

Anthonino’s Taverna

Featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives,” Anthonino’s Taverna's toasted ravioli is handmade in house; stuffed with ground beef, ricotta and pecorino romano cheese; and served with a marinara sauce.

Charlie Gitto’s On the Hill

Charlie Gitto’s On the Hill claims to have the “original” toasted ravioli. The handmade meat-filled ravioli comes with the restaurant’s famous pomodoro sauce.

Mama’s On the Hill

Mama’s On the Hill also prides itself on having the “original” toasted ravioli. The pasta appetizer is handmade, deep-fried to a golden brown and served with Mama’s marinara sauce. Choose from meat- or cheese-stuffed ravs.

Salt + Smoke

Salt + Smoke also has an interesting take on the classic regional dish. The St. Louis-area barbecue chain offers burnt-end toasted ravs, made from scratch with smoky burnt brisket ends and cheddar.

STL Toasted

Located in the Food Hall at City Foundry STL, the new ravioli-focused restaurant STL Toasted has a surprising take on the classic St. Louis pasta dish with both savory stuffing – like buffalo chicken or loaded potato – and sweet stuffing options – like lemon blackberry gooey butter cake or raspberry dump cake.

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