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Arizona firefighters save dog choking on rawhide bone

A family frantically brought the pooch into a nearby fire station where the crew quickly sprung into action.

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Firefighters are no strangers to saving lives. Every day, they head out into cities and risk their lives to save people from raging fires and other dangerous situations.

But in this case, the emergency came to them.

According to a recent Facebook post from the Glendale Fire Department, a frantic family brought in a dog who was choking on a rawhide bone. The post featured a photo of the crew from Station 157 in action, trying to save the family's furry, four-legged friend.

As the mother and two children looked on, the firefighters dislodged the bone and the pup slowly began breathing and acting normally.

Frantic knocks on the door at station 157 revealed a family holding their dog that was chocking. Both of the crews...

Posted by Glendale Fire Department on Sunday, December 26, 2021

It wasn't a raging inferno or large car crash, but a family was able to walk away with their pet safely in hand. 

Home Fire Prevention: 

The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority has released tips on how to prevent fires from starting in your home. 

More than 4,000 Americans die each year in fires and approximately 25,000 are injured,” the authority said on its website. “An overwhelming number of fires occur in the home.” 

First off, the authority says that every house needs to have at least one working smoke alarm. Every level of the home and every sleeping area should have a working smoke alarm inside of it to offer the best protection. 

Appliances should also be used in a way that manufacturers recommend, since overheating, shorts and sparks can all lead to a fire breaking out. 

Lastly, families should have an escape plan from every room of the house. 

“Caution everyone to stay low to the floor when escaping from fire and never to open doors that are hot,” the authority said. “Select a location where everyone can meet after escaping the house. Get out then call for help.” 

The authority offers free home safety inspections. Schedule one with them by calling 623-544-5400. 

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