Today top-rated Lenovo laptops are at Black Friday prices in our quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible. This is the single best laptop deal available this Black Friday 2016, and the deal even includes free Bluetooth headphones.

Imagine a fully-loaded Lenovo notebook with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional for $180. Keep in mind that Windows 10 Professional on its own is worth $199, and you're getting an entire laptop for $20 less than the software's cost.

Lenovo is a top brand that took over IBM's consumer line and today's deal includes:

- Intel Processor
- Swivel webcam for video chats and selfie mode
- Windows 10 Pro (no other laptops at this price have Windows 10 Pro) - with extra security features
- Solid State Drive
- HD Screen
- Three USB Ports
- HDMI Port
- Intel Dual Band 802.11ac Wireless & Bluetooth
- Intel HD Graphics
- Free top rated Bluetooth Headphones

$179 Lenovo Laptops + Windows 10 Pro + Free Bluetooth Headphones + Free Delivery
Was: $310.00
Now: $179.99
**Upgraded laptop version available here.

Due to the hard drive space occupied by Windows 10 Pro, we recommend the 64GB version of the laptop.
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