GREENSBORO, N.C.--If you want your Secret Santa shopping to stay a secret from your spouse or kids make sure you are smart about how you shop--especially online.

The first and probably most foolproof method to avoid unintentionally spilling the beans is to use cash. When you withdraw money from the ATM and buy your gift, your spouse who may share an account with won't know what you got them.

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Another way is to buy one of those prepaid visa cards or gift cards at the grocery store then use that card to make the actual purchase.

If you make your purchases online, you have a different battle to fight.

So here's what you need to do to buy online without a trace.

Block your cookies.

This is the feature that allows companies to know you visited their site; and possibly even share that information.

To do that in Chrome go into settings, privacy and security, then click clear browsing history. Be sure to delete your cookies and browsing history every time you are done browsing for gifts.

Turn on Ad Blockers.

Ad Blockers are another way to ensure that what you are searching doesn't show up in another website as an ad. This could spoil the surprise.

Go into incognito mode.

This keeps your computer from saving your browsing history and cookies.

Create a separate email address.

This way you can send are your store emails there and not have to worry about a deliver confirmation showing up on an email you may share with someone. It's so good to not have that email linked with your phone so that a pop up notification won't ruin a surprise. Just remember to log out every time.

Then when it comes time to buy... use that prepaid visa card or gift card!