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Cherokee Street in south St. Louis is lined with diversity and paved with opportunity

"It's beautiful that Cherokee Street sees us. They see people like me."

ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis area is known for its neighborhoods. Many of our neighborhoods are defined by the streets that run through them. Cherokee Street is one such place in south city.

“This is the heartbeat of the city right now,” said Brandin Vaughn owner of The Brandin Vaughn Collection.

But the stretch is off the beaten path for many people.

“It’s not on the way to a lot of the popular neighborhoods,” said Jeff Vines of STL Style House.

Cherokee Street is gaining more recognition as a destination spot in the area. The stretch of blocks has unique places and shops.

“It is the mecca of the creative community in Missouri,” said Vaughn.

There is everything from comic books to couture clothing to t-shirts. There are places to eat, ranging from foods like bacon and eggs to tacos and ice cream. 

“Over 15 fashion boutiques right here. Over 15 restaurants,” Vaughn said.

Cherokee Street is also as diverse as the menus at the eateries. 

“It’s beautiful that Cherokee Street like sees us. They see people like me,” said Aloha Mischeaux owner of Black Coffee.

“Think that weird combination of people from all the different generations and cultures makes this really cool vibe down here,” said Martin Casas owner of Apotheosis Comics & Lounge.

The vibe on the street is one that is welcoming. 

“There is hope and opportunity here,” said Vaughn.

The opportunity is bringing growth to the area as more entrepreneurs are setting up shop.

“Endless possibilities of what you can do,” said Casas.

“They’re reaching for the same thing as I am, success. Every business on here is living that dream,” added Vaughn.

A chance to make it as a small business is not new to Cherokee Street.

“Back in its heyday you know in the middle of the 20th century it was like a shopping destination,” said Randy Vines of STL Style House.

Some of the street’s past is evident in the architecture. It gives Cherokee a certain charm.

“Gritty, it’s a little unfiltered. The imperfections are endearing. It gives a place character,” said Randy Vines.

The combinations give off the feeling of nostalgia.

“A lot of people say it reminds them of New York in the 70s,” said Jeff Vines.

The people doing business on Cherokee Street invite others to take the road less traveled and experience what they have to offer firsthand.

“Just a place that everyone has on their calendar but they don’t know when they’re going. So, we tell em come on down as soon as you can,” said Casas.

If you would like to learn more about the stores, restaurants, and other opportunities on Cherokee Street here is a link to their website: https://cherokeestreet.com/.

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