WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. — It's a story straight out of a cartoon: a cat climbs into a tree and can't get down. But it was a real-life problem for a Webster Groves cat owner — and a rather stressful one.

"Here we are on day eight and she has not come down," said cat owner Lindsey Cosentino Thursday afternoon.

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The cat is named Princess Charlotte Purrl, but she goes by Charlotte. Lindsey and her three young daughters love her.

"It's a helpless feeling because you know that she's miserable and I hate hearing her cry and my girls hate hearing her cry," said Cosentino.

So, Lindsey tried everything she could think to do in order to get her down. First, she called the fire department. But, as a firefighter was reaching for the cat, she climbed higher than his ladder would reach.

Then, Lindsey asked for recommendations on social media. Dozens of people offered suggestions, and several people came to help. But for eight hot days, no one could get her down.

The cat was stuck about 30 feet up in the tree, which was out of reach for most people. But it wasn't out of reach for the superhero of this story.

That hero is EJ Turner. He is an arborist, which means he climbs trees for a living. When he got word of Charlotte's predicament, he came right out. And, within 20 minutes on Thursday evening, Charlotte was safe and sound.

"When I get a job like this where I get to not only work in a tree but also save an animal and help a family, it's gratifying," said Turner.

Charlotte is heading to the vet Friday. But, Lindsey tells us, while she's hungry and thirsty, she seems to be doing fine.