A week after the St. Louis Pet Expo was canceled, the company in charge of putting on the event is providing more information about the "serious ex-employee situation" that led to the cancellation.

St. Louis Pet Expo COO Bryan Rilenge said he was shocked to learn the St. Charles Convention Center canceled the event last week, but said Amazing Pet Expos was dealing with a situation. On Thursday, the company published a statement on their website detailing that situation, which included a now-ex-employee believing the COO of the company was the anti-Christ.

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The post said the woman was brought in to clean up the financials after a hectic time for the company. The company said she appeared to be the perfect candidate, but things eventually turned.

The post said the woman's daughter — who had been hired by the company — made an audio recording of the woman and brought it to the attention of the company's leaders. In the recording, the woman is heard saying she is a prophet sent to write a new book of the bible and that she needs to kill the COO of the company, whom she thought was the anti-Christ, the post said.

The post also alleges she was destroying financial documents and sending "irrational emails" to the company's vendor list.

When the COO of the company confronted the woman, she attacked him, the post said.

The post said the woman was fired when the company found out about her actions. The company has also filed a restraining order against her and are looking into a negligence claim with their insurance provider.

Because of the damage done to the company's financials, the company has canceled additional expos in Memphis, Nashville and Chicago. Another four expos were postponed until 2018.

Anyone with questions for the company about an existing refund request was asked to call 1-800-220-5520.