ST. LOUIS — He’s one of the most well-known dogs in St. Louis. Now, Harlan O’Hairless has the official recognition to prove it.

He’s on the cover of the newest issue of St. Louis Magazine after winning the publication’s ‘Pet of the Year’ photo contest.

Harlan came out top dog ahead of 300 other pets and 2,000 votes.

But he’s not your typical cuddly, fuzzy pet.

Harlan is a Chinese Crested dog. His body is hairless, but he’s got a great head of hair.

Summer Renne adopted Harlan from a rescue shelter to go along with her hairless cat.

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Some people might think he has a face only a mother could love, but Renne says he’s beautiful. She also had a unique way of describing him.

“What tickles my heart about Harlan is I think he’s a baked potato with legs. He looks exactly like a potato and acts a lot like a potato,” Renne said with a smile.

What she means by that, is that Harlan is a couch potato.

“He doesn’t play with toys. He doesn’t bark. He doesn’t go outside and play. Really, what Harlan does is this,” she said pointing to Harlan sleeping on the couch next to her. “He watches TV, and he eats snacks all day and takes naps. And that’s it.”

Harlan might not be too physically active, but he’s all over social media. Harlan was famous before earning that ‘Pet of the Year’ designation. He’s got nearly 7,000 followers on Instagram.

Most of the posts feature Harlan doing what he loves—lounging around the house. He’s famous and laid back.

His Instagram page says he is a “lover of snacks, laps and all day naps,” but Harlan’s mom said there’s something else she loves about her hairless beauty.

“My favorite thing about Harlan is his very sensitive spirit, but he also gives the best side eye of any animal you’ve ever seen. If he doesn’t want to do something, he gives you a look, and the look says, ‘Hmm, don’t think so lady.’ So, Harlan really is the boss of our house.”