ST. LOUIS — The Fourth of July holiday means plenty of food and fireworks.

However, for our furry friends, it can be scary.

The assistant medical director for the Humane Society of Missouri, Dr. Nicole Fulcher, said the noise from fireworks is particularly jolting for animals because they have a heightened sense of hearing.

Dr. Fulcher recommends leaving your pet indoors.

Even some indoor animals can still be scared by the constant booms of the fireworks. There are several products that can help ease their anxiety.

There are calming sprays, collars and even thunder vests to help. Dr. Fulcher said there are also anti-anxiety medications you can get from your vet. There’s even dog and cat speakers that play soothing music.

If your animal is outside, keep them away from grills and sparklers. They can easily get burned. Dr. Fulcher said if your pet does get burned, put cold water on the area and call your vet.

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