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National Dog Mom Day is May 13

You can help celebrate the dog mom in your life by gifting them a dog mom mug, a dog bed or a matching dog mom T-shirt.
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ST. LOUIS — On May 13, it’s National Dog Mom Day, celebrating the “special kind of motherhood” that women hold as dog moms. 

According to National Today, a national day online calendar, said about five years ago a dating app for dog owners called "Dig" launched the day for “dog-loving women to thank dog moms, foster dog moms, and future dog moms for all of the love they give to pups.”

You can help celebrate the dog mom in your life by gifting them a dog mom mug, a dog bed, a matching dog mom T-shirt or even a custom/matching outfit. 

Other opportunities to enjoy the day would include going for a walk, adopting a dog or treating yourself and the dog to something yummy. 

For a list of dog-friendly restaurant options in the St. Louis area, click here

Dogs have been in our lives for thousands of years as descendants of a now-extinct wolf species that grew close to humans as friends and additions to our families. 

‘“How these wild wolves became domesticated and evolved into breeds like Chihuahuas, Spaniels, or Poodles is still subject to many theories,” according to National Today. “But, these wolves formed a symbiotic relationship with our hunter-gatherer ancestors, creating immense benefits for both parties.”

There are more than 300 different dog breeds on Earth, which have their own individual features and capabilities from public service to personal protection to emotional comfort. 

There is also National Dog Dad's Day. If you're interested, you can find more information about how to celebrate the doggy-dad in your life on June 17 here

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