There's new concern about canine influenza after a dozen dogs were infected with dog flu at two different dog shows this summer.

Now the virus is starting to appear in the St. Louis area.

Twelve dogs who were at a dog shows in Florida and Georgia tested positive for the flu. There were also three cases reported in North Texas and North Carolina.

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9NEWS, KSDK's sister station in Denver, spoke with a veterinarian who says dog flu can be treated and more importantly, prevented.

"It was one that we have vaccines for, so we tell people if you are going to doggy day care frequently, or if you're going to be boarding them frequently, it may be a good idea to get that vaccine," said Leslie Longo, VMD at Hampden Family Pet Hospital.

If your dog has a fever, is coughing, or has really thick, puss-like nasal discharge, they may have dog flu and you should take them to the vet.

Signs of fever in a dog are shaking, not wanting to eat, and acting lethargic.