ASHEVILLE, N.C. — The Asheville Humane Society says it's a moment that every shelter employee dreams about.

Last week, a woman named Leslie walked through their front doors and said, "Which two dogs have been here the longest, with the most special needs? I'm here to take them both home with me." 

Those two unwanted dogs were Sam, who had extensive medical issues and had been at the shelter for six months, and Brutus, who has severe separation anxiety and had been there for five months.

"I'm glad to give them a home for the last couple years of their life," said an emotional Leslie. "And they give so much love back." 

The Humane Society posted a heartwarming video of Sam and Brutus getting ready to head home with their new mom, saying there wasn't a dry eye in sight! Leslie assured the pair that they now had a family to love them for the rest of their days, and would never be alone again.