ST CHARLES, Mo. — Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to change your life forever. A St. Charles family knows that well. Twice, they've received calls that altered their lives. Except this time, they're not going at it alone.

Brian McCoy was recently diagnosed with bile duct liver cancer. He discovered the heartbreaking reality after he said he felt something with his body was just off. So, he drove himself to the hospital. Three days later, his worst fears were confirmed.

"Bile duct cancer is what I’ve got. The outcome is not the best, what they're saying, but we're going to beat this. We're going to get through this," explained McCoy.

Something to help him get through the tough reality was a message from his hero, Garth Brooks.

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Some of the McCoy’s friends in radio asked the country music legend to send some well wishes while he was in St. Louis a few weeks ago.

At first, McCoy couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened the video text.

"I click on it, and I’m like no way. Play again, play again. I’m just crying, and I’m getting all emotional, but I couldn't stop playing it. I’m like that’s my hero, you’ve got to be kidding me," said McCoy through laughter.

Here’s what Garth Brooks said in the video to Brian:

"Hey Brian, Garth Brooks. I hear that you couldn't make it to St. Louis. All I’m telling you is stay strong. Thank you for what the music means to you. Trust me, it means that to me, too. I love you, pal. Love to you and your family. You have all my love and all my strength."

garth brooks message to cancer patient
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Brian described what he felt after listening to it for the first time.

"It was awesome. It was really awesome," he explained while fighting back tears.

It helped give the McCoys the strength they so desperately need. Mostly, because this is not the first time they’ve received a phone call that changed their lives forever.

Back in 2012, Shelley and Brian’s phone rang in the middle of the night. Their oldest son, 22-year-old Nicholas, was killed in a car crash.

"It’s just amazing how your life can change in a minute from a phone call, and unfortunately we've experienced that in different ways," said Shelly McCoy.

"Yeah, it was pretty horrible. To get that phone call, no doubt about it because you're never supposed to bury your kids. It was tough," said Brian McCoy.

Unlike the sudden loss of their son, they feel like this time they've got a fighting chance.

"It's not going to get us this time. We got a shot this time; we didn't have a shot then," said McCoy.

Not to mention the army of support to back them up.

"We're not going to let him give up. We're not. I know his daughters won't. I know his brothers won't. They’re going to be there and just make him push and push and push," McCoy's sister-in-law Carol Lewis said.

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Whenever he starts feeling down, McCoy snuggles his beautiful granddaughter Ivy Nicole and watches his message from Garth just one more time.

McCoy is part of a trial treatment that starts Monday. His family has started a meal plan service and is hosting a trivia night on May 11 to help pay for medical expenses.