The snow may be causing travel headaches tonight, but oh the joy it will bring for snow-loving kids of all ages tomorrow!

With heavy snow overnight, and additional snow showers tomorrow, there will be plenty of snow to work with, for the region's best (snow)ballers, snowman makers, and sledders.

While at a glance, flakes have been fluffy and piling up quickly, there is actually a good amount of moisture content in this snow.

It packs easily, making it ideal for snowballs and snowmen.

Area hills are primed for sled runs too.

The drawback to the more moisture-laden snow? You may be huffing and puffing a bit more when you start shoveling it.  

I'm serious about this... use good technique when you shovel, take it easy and listen to your body!  

Unfortunately, people can and do suffer back injury and cardiac arrest when regions are hit with heavy snow! 

Stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy the beauty of nature!