Don’t kid yourself. Just grab the freaking tissue box — NOW.

Procter & Gamble gave Ellen DeGeneres the exclusive premiere of the Winter Olympics 2018’s “Thank You, Mom” ad, and it is quite an emotional one.

Scene One opens with a young girl bouncing on her bed and looking up at posters of Olympic stars as her mom watches with a smile that slowly fades.

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A beautiful female voice — at first a capella — sings in the background, “Ooh child, thing are gonna get easier.”

The ad then transitions to a teenage boy beautifully leaping while his mother air-dries laundry outside. It becomes apparent the child has a black eye — perhaps a result of bullying. His mother slowly lays her hand on his cheek to console him.

It becomes clear the ad isn’t just about moms this year, but about #LoveOverBias, a new campaign that “celebrate(s) a mom’s role in helping her kids overcome bias and seeing their potential no matter what others see.”

The next scene shows a mother duct-taping her son’s ice skates as he looks longingly toward other boys who are dressed in nice, brand-name gear. Again, the mom consoles her son.

WATCH: Winter Olympics 2018 #LoveOverBias "Thank You, Mom" ad

Several more scenes appear before the ad ends with an Olympic win, and the words appear on screen:

“Imagine if the world could see what moms see.”

UGH, I can’t even write this dang story without the tears flowing.

Good luck actually watching it.