One of the wealthiest Americans has put his Colorado ranch up for sale with an asking price of $46 million.

Henry Kravis, the 75-year-old co-founder of private-equity giant KKR & Co. Inc., has an estimated net worth of $5.4 billion, according to Forbes, and currently serves as the co-chairman and co-CEO of KKR.

Kravis spared no expense in developing his Westlands Ranch over 30 years and hosted guests ranging from CEOs of large corporations to well-known dignitaries, political figures and celebrities, according to the property's listing.

PHOTOS | Westlands Ranch near Meeker, Colorado

Located in the White River Valley about 20 miles southeast of Meeker, Colorado, the 4,603-acre property boasts not only prime land for fishing and hunting, but also a stunning home, guest quarters and its own helipad.

The approximately 19,000-square-foot main house has five bedrooms, including a master suite with two bathrooms, a library and commercial kitchen. There's plenty of entertaining space in the bar, wine cellar, game room, home theater, and outside on the home's large patios and decks.

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