ST. LOUIS — It might still be fall, but it sure feels like winter outside. Temperatures were in the teens in some places Wednesday morning.

November 14 marks Missouri Winter Weather Preparedness Day. 5 On Your Side gathered some tips to help you get ready for snow, ice and potentially dangerous cold temperatures this season.

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  • Use weather seal tape around the edges of windows and door frames, basically anywhere frigid air can get through.
  • Covering your windows with insulated wrapping will also help make your home less drafty.
  • Pipes also lead outside and can freeze, causing major headaches. To prevent that keep them flowing or covered.
  • Shut off outdoor lines like your hose.
  • Turn your fan to spin clockwise to push the warm air back down into your home.
  • You might be cranking the heat with these cold temperatures, to save money just program it or set it to be warmer only when your home and need it.
  • You can also save money by setting your hot water heater only as high as you need it.

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