I always strive to save you money but the deal that I've just hunted down by viewer request could potentially save your life. You've heard of first aid kits, you've heard of emergency kits and you're likely familiar with roadside relief systems. One manufacturer had the idea to combine all three and I'm fully on board for this bargain.

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In my quest to save you time and cash, I never care whether you buy an item that I feature. Today, I want you to strongly consider this purchase. If you have a student heading off to college in your family, a senior citizen driver or any drive that goes beyond your typical short commute, this is a winner.

Before that car breakdown, in the event of an accident, a storm or if you want to help that vehicle you just drove by in the ditch, there is a solution on sale.

Click the play button to see the Relief Pod's contents and hear from local students heading back to college.

The kit can fit in most glove compartments or under a car seat. It's also worth having one in storage at home. At its lowest recorded price, this 60-piece emergency kit includes too many components to list. My favorites are:

- Professional grade jumper cables
- Full first aid kit
- Rain poncho
- Multi tool (Swiss Army knife equivalent)
- Two emergency roadside flare glow sticks
- Crank flashlight
- Whistle
- Compass
- Safety vest
- Reflective triangle
- 9 foot rope, zip ties and duct tape
- Help sign
- Gloves
- Emergency blanket
- Extremely compact carrying case for all components

This is the ultimate emergency kit for camping, road trips, those troubling winter drives, commutes and anyone heading home for the holidays. At its lowest recorded price, I highly recommend the deal below:

71% off Relief Pod Deluxe 60 Piece Emergency Kit + Free Shipping
Was: $124.95
Now: $35.99

Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this station, Amazon Live and others. Neither Matt nor this station are compensated by the brands featured here. Prices are subject to change at any time and products are expected to sell out.