These are literally selling out as we type. So I will begin with a quick warning, the FDA Approved blood pressure monitors we tested will see price increases and depleted stock within the next few hours. 

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Now that we got the important information out of the way, let's move to the crucial health information you can uncover at the click of a button. 

Getting your blood pressure taken at a doctor's office is not always the most accurate way to understand your health. We're often anxious, amped up and the results are sometimes skewed based on those readings. 

Your key to an accurate reading is to produce one in the comfort of your home, first thing after you wake-up according to the doctors and nutritionists who have weighed in for today's article. 

We tested 11 different FDA approved models and have our two favorite listed below which were virtually identical in terms of performance and features. When one sells out, the other is a perfect alternate. Features for both include: 

- FDA Approved 
- 100% accuracy
- Portable cases for easy transport
- WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicators
- Quick, accurate readings with one touch operation
- Irregular heartbeat detection
- Morning hypertension
- Support for two users
- Easily recalls up to 90 sets of user data 
- Approved by doctors and physicians all over the world
- Highly adjustable wrist band accommodates all wrist sizes

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