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Trump team files another lawsuit seeking to overturn already certified election results

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Arizona that repeats many charges that have been dismissed in suits in other states.

ARIZONA, USA — One of President Donald Trump's former attorneys has filed a new lawsuit in Arizona as another attempt to overturn the 2020 General Election results. 

Sydney Powell filed the suit representing 14 Arizonans, most of whom are significant county-level Republicans throughout the state, as well as Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward and her husband.

Powell was dismissed from the Trump campaign's legal team after a press conference in which she linked alleged voting machine irregularities to a deceased Venezuelan dictator. 

Those allegations are repeated in her most recent filing in Arizona. 

The lawsuit is based on the grounds of voting systems fraud and manipulation and recent testimony of alleged witnessed voting fraud during the process. 

The suit claims that the election count that showed a 10,457 lead for President-elect Joe Biden was a result of failure on the part of poll watchers to verify signatures and "biased and partisan Maricopa County poll referees."

The Trump campaign dropped its lawsuit against the state when it became mathematically clear that the gap was too wide to close between Trump and Biden. 

The plaintiffs are asking that the court order the state to de-certify the election results and to bar Gov. Doug Ducey from transmitting the currently certified results to the Electoral College. 

Nine other forms of relief have been requested, all of which can be seen in the official court documents

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