ST. LOUIS — Tommy Morrissey may act like most eight-year-old boys, playing sports and dreaming of playing professionally one day. 

But he's not like most kids. He picked up a golf club when he was one year old. When he was three, he was called a golf prodigy. 

Then, there's this: Tommy Morrissey was born missing most of his right arm. 

"We have never used the word disability, we've never used the word handicap," said Tommy's mom, Marcia Morrissey. "He hasn't viewed himself as having a limitation."

Using only his left arm, Tommy hit eight home runs in little league this year and still drives a golf ball nearly 200 yards.

Is it hard?

"No way," he said with a smile.

He said practice makes perfect. He plays a couple of hours a day, several times a week. 

"I really try to work hard," he said about his swings. 

He may live in Florida, but he's a die-hard Cardinals fan. When Manager Mike Shildt learned about Tommy's story, he invited Tommy as his guest this weekend. 

He met all his favorite Cardinals. He also took grounders and caught fly balls in the outfield during batting practice. An ESPN video has 365,000 views on Instagram. 

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Tommy called it one of the best weekend's ever. 

He may only be eight, but he has big dreams. He wants to be a Major League Baseball player. 

"I bet I'll skip the minors," he said. "Jim Abbott did it."

Jim Abbott is his inspiration. He was an MLB pitcher who threw a no-hitter. And like Tommy, he used one arm. 

Tommy Morrissey has never put a limit on what he can do. So why start now?

The Morrisseys started a nonprofit called UnLIMBited Foundation. They help families around the country with the cost of housing if they have a loved one who is going through alternatives to amputations. 

The family said these surgeries can be expensive and make it burdensome to afford temporary housing wherever the surgery is being conducted. 

They've helped nearly a dozen people this year, including one child who needed surgery to straighten out both of his legs. His final surgery will happen in the coming days. 

To get involved in the foundation, click here

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