The NAACP is calling on people to pray following the shootings in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, Dallas and Ballwin, and for the second straight night Monday they hosted a prayer vigil – this time in the Metro East.

The predominantly African-American congregation at New Life in Christ Interdenominational Church here welcomed people of the Jewish and Muslim faiths for the prayer service. And they turned to New Testament scripture to implore people to turn to each other and meet someone new during the service.

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“Jesus said it, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’” said Reverend Norman Patterson the President of the United Congregations of the Metro East.

But for as much as race is in the national conversation, some said the answers are far from black and white.

“A lot of us have police officers in our families,” said Rev. Patterson. “They need prayer just like my sons who are not police officers. They need prayer, my grandsons.”