Saturday was make a difference day, a time for community members to join forces and make a positive impact. And this year hundreds of people helped kick off an ongoing initiative where volunteers will travel to schools throughout St. Louis and give them a makeover. The goal is giving students an inspiring place to attend school each day.

Paint brushes and rollers and people ready to use them, just some of the tools needed to transform Yeatman-Liddell College Preparatory Middle School into a shining, colorful example of what love and support look like. Over 200 volunteers worked every floor of the building supplying murals and fresh paint. Their hope was to send a powerful message to school students, “We care.”

“This is a true testament of who we are and what we are and that we value each other. But also how much we value the youth in our community,” said organizer Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Donated cans of paint from PPG were more than just an investment in the looks of the school. They're symbolic of something on which you can't hang a price tag, school pride.
Yeatman-Liddell teacher Paul Rice says he's been looking at the same burgundy gym doors since he was a student at the school.

“Just to see this yellow in here and the kids to be able to come in here, it gives them a brighter day. You know, when you see brighter colors you have a brighter feeling,” said Rice.

And Yeatman-Liddell school leaders can't wait to see the looks on students faces when they walk into class Monday morning.

“Oh my goodness. I expect to see smiles, joyful laughter, some tears I’m sure. And know that I’m trying to fight them away myself,” said school principal Dr. Leslie Bonner.

“It's a new beginning. It really counts as a new beginning for us,” added School Instructional Coach Julia Kaiser.

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