ST. LOUIS — New developments Monday evening, regarding several St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers, accused of making racist posts on social media.

Two of those officers are no longer with the force, according to Mayor Lyda Krewson's office.

The attorney for Ronald Hasty and Thomas Mabrey, Brian Millikan, told 5 On Your Side, that both were fired. They had both been on administrative duties pending an internal affairs investigation since last June when a group from Philadelphia said it uncovered the offensive posts.

"The Plain View Project," flagged more than 400 posts it said were linked to current or former St. Louis police officers.

In an emailed statement Millikan said:

"I can confirm the officers were terminated in connection with Facebook shares and likes posted as private citizens. That decision has been appealed to the Civil Service Commission. We look forward to vigorously defending both officers’ reputations and are confident their actual records as police officers will rule the day." 

ST. LOUIS - Several St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers have been taken off the street for administrative duty after a group from Philadelphia said it uncovered offensive posts.

Several St. Louis police officers put on administrative duty while internal affairs investigation underway

In June, Chief John Hayden said the following steps will be taken in relation to what he called deeply concerning social media posts - Initiation of an IAD investigation with a disciplined range of re-instruction to dismissal for sustained allegations, administration duty for most egregious posters and sensitivity training.

The group out of Philadelphia said it searched the social media posts of officers in several departments across the country and flagged hundreds it said were linked to current or former St. Louis police officers.

According to the mayor’s spokesperson, the training had already been in the works and is “not just because of the report of the Plain View Project.”

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