ST. LOUIS — Prosecutors have charged two women in connection with the beating of a school bus driver last week.

Ty'Andra Keniece Williams was charged with third-degree assault, five counts of endangering the welfare of a child and trespassing on a school bus. Tiffany Pruitt was charged with third-degree assault.

Video quickly went viral last week that showed Williams beating up the driver of a Kipp Academy school bus.

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Police responded to 9th Street and O’Fallon where a woman boarded the bus as the school bus driver was letting students off. The two got into a verbal argument and the woman hit the driver with a stick.

After the driver was hit with a stick, the woman and another woman pulled her off the bus and started hitting her multiple times in the head, face and body.

The bus driver was transported to a hospital where she was treated for minor injuries.