ST. LOUIS — A third suspect has died following a chase that included exchanging gunfire with police in St. Louis and St. Louis County and ended in a crash Wednesday night.

Police Chief John Hayden said the incident started around 8:20 p.m. in north St. Louis near the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and Goodfellow Avenue where officers were investigating stolen vehicles in an unmarked police vehicle. Hayden said the officers tried to pull over the dark-colored Honda Accord, but the driver sped off.

Hayden said officers chased the car north. At an intersection, the car stopped so one of the suspects could jump out and fire shots at the officers. Police fired back before the man jumped back into the car, which sped off.

Officers were joined by marked police cars before the chase ended near the intersection of Lucas and Hunt Road and Blue Spruce Drive in St. Louis County. Hayden said the fleeing driver crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into a pick-up truck.

Hayden said two of the fleeing suspects, 21-year-old Kevion Smith and 21-year-old Andrew Chanerl, were apparently killed in the crash. A third suspect, 23-year-old De'Trell Crews, died Friday due to traumatic brain trauma from the accident.

The driver of the pick-up truck was taken to the hospital. That driver had stable vital signs.

Hayden said they recovered two semi-automatic pistols and an assault rifle along with a "large quantity" of suspected drugs.

AR Pistol_1544131560483.jpg.jpg
Assault weapon found at the scene.
suspected narcotics_1544131592642.jpg.jpg
Suspected narcotics found at the scene

Hayden said no officers were hurt, and they were still investigating if any police vehicles were struck by gunfire.

Police Chief John Hayden provides update on chase, shooting