The drivers of an armored truck were robbed at gunpoint Monday night. Now, two gunmen are on the run with a lot of money that was on board.

The armored truck pulled over at a gas station in the 1800 block of North Broadway, but police said the incident happened at the intersection of Switzer and Broadway.

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They say around 6:30 Monday night, the drivers of a Dunbar armored truck pulled over to check their GPS. That's when police say suspects robbed them at gunpoint before running away.

The drivers had made several stops tonight, so we're told there was a significant amount of money on board, but it is unclear exactly how much was stolen. A firearm, cell phone and wallet belonging to one of the drivers were also stolen.

Police say the drivers then managed to get to the gas station where police met them to begin their investigation.

Police haven't been able to release much about the suspects or what they looked like. The investigation is ongoing.