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South city bar owner fighting for his life after being hit and dragged down street by car thief

"I just want this person held responsible before he does this to somebody else or kills somebody over a car," says Janice Gage, the bar owner's wife.

ST. LOUIS — Chilling new video shows a south city bar owner trying to stop a car thief only to have the crook takes off with him still on the hood.

The owner is now fighting to stay alive, as police search for who did this.

It happened on Oct. 3, around 9 p.m. Tommy Gage was running a quick errand for his wife Janice, buying hamburger buns for the Iowa Buffet Bar, and left the car running out in front.

"We were having problems with the car starting. He pulls up, gets out, walks in, hands me a bag, gives me a bag of groceries and says goodbye," said Janice Gage.

While he was inside, security video shows a man run up the sidewalk and jump into the driver's seat.

Because of the camera's position, you can't really tell what happens next, but eventually, there's a standoff between the would-be car thief and Tommy held on to the hood.

After throwing it in drive and reverse several times to try to shake Tommy, the driver eventually just takes off.

A neighbor's surveillance camera picks up chilling audio, of the tires squeal and Tommy's screams.

"Then, he ran him over but then he also dragged his body halfway down the street," said Janice.

The group inside heard all this commotion and runs outside.

"He sees all of us approaching, he just opens the door, runs out as fast as a bullet," she said.

That would-be car thief remains on the run for now.

"I just want this person held responsible before he does this to somebody else or kills somebody over a car," Janice said.

Meanwhile, Tommy's injuries are almost too many to count. Doctors say he broke nearly every bone in his body.

"His lung had collapsed, so he’s had about 7 surgeries and he’s still in the ICU," she said.

Janice said if you want to help with Tommy's recovery, come spend some money at their bar, Iowa Buffet Bar.

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