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Woman carjacked outside home in Botanical Heights neighborhood

The incident happened in the 4000 block of Blaine around 10 p.m.
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ST. LOUIS — An investigation is underway after a woman was carjacked in St. Louis Botanical Heights neighborhood Saturday night.

Police responded to the 4000 block of Blaine where two women said they were standing outside their home when two men approached them and another man stood by one of their cars.

The two men pointed guns at the women and demanded their property. One of the women handed over her wallet and car keys and the other women’s purse was taken by one of the men.

All three men then got into one of the women’s car and left the scene.

The victims were not injured during the incident.

According to crime statistics from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the Botanical Heights neighborhood did not have any carjackings in 2018.

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