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Crown Candy Kitchen falls victim to burglary for $10

This is one of many larceny incidents in the neighborhood according to surrounding businesses.

ST. LOUIS — A family-owned restaurant and staple in north St. Louis fell victim to vandalism and theft overnight Wednesday.

Andy Karanzieff had been up at Crown Candy Kitchen since the crack of dawn cranking out chocolate.

“My early morning bacon fryer came in and said do you want some help and I'm like what are you talking about and he says well you're front door," said Karanzieff.

Someone smashed in the restaurant's front door with a crowbar and got away with $10 and the cash drawer.

The eatery, known for its dipped chocolates and lunch sandwiches, has been in operation since 1913.

Karanzieff said the crime for the fourth-generation restaurant was unfortunately not new.

"We had a couple of young kids throw a big ole piece of rock through the front door and break out two windows there. We had a couple of kids try and break into my wife's office," said Karanzieff.

Neighboring businesses told 5 On Your Side they had dealt with similar issues like theft and car break-ins in their parking lots.

Veronica Holden's operated La Manche Coffee House for eleven years across the street and her shop has been broken into twice.

"There's that sense of someone breaking into your safe space and then, just, it always makes such a mess," Holden said.

Holden said her biggest problem is that the people who commit the crimes have done it before.

She hopes for improved prosecution.

"We do want to see some accountability for you know us being victims and repeatedly having this happen and there not being any kind of consequences," said Holden.

Despite the hardship, business owners say they have continued to serve their customers and received their support in return.

Crown Candy Kitchen had a store full of customers for lunch Thursday afternoon.

They closed early because of the weather.

St. Louis police said Karanzieff stated while in his office, an unknown man wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, black jacket, gray gloves, and a mask, damaged the front doors to make entry.


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