LEMAY, Mo. — It’s easy to get pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. But that’s not the case for pigs—something Amber Streitz knows all too well.

She lives in Lemay with her pet pig, Hector.

She said last week she went to grab his leash, harness and wagon only to see it all was gone. Someone had stolen the supplies she needs for their daily walks.

It doesn’t cost much to replace the items, but she has to custom order them online—and that will take weeks.

That’s a problem for Amber and Hector because he’s an emotional support pig and usually takes trips out in public.

“You know, it's very hard. It's like, what is someone doing on the side of my house or in my backyard when I'm not out here? If they weren't stealing my wagon, what would they be doing? Breaking into my garage? Breaking into my car?” Amber asked.

For now, Amber is using a homemade leash.

Amber said if the person who took the items would like to return them, her contact information is on Hector’s collar.