FLORRISSANT, Mo. — The names of the victims in the Show-Me Bar and Grille Shooting from Wednesday have been identified.

Scott Beary was shot and killed when a gunman opened fire inside the restaurant. Ryan Jacobsmeyer was also shot, but only suffered minor injuries.

Jeana Sellenshuetter, Beary’s co-worker, said the last time she saw Beary and Jacobsmeyer, they were heading out the door for a routine errand.

“He picked him up from the tire place while the truck was being worked on and they had dinner,” she said.

Inside Show-Me’s, eyewitnesses told 5 On Your Side they got involved in a heated discussion about how much a German Shepard dog could weigh.

It got so headed, that at one point, the soon-to-be gunman called Scott a derogatory name.

At that point, Ryan tells Jeana, they were ready to leave.

“Let’s go pick up the truck, it’s not worth it, let’s not worry about it. And then Ryan just said he remembers hearing gunshots. He doesn’t remember seeing the gun or anything, and then Scott just fell to the ground,” Sellenhuetter recalls from a conversation with Jacobsmeyer.

Ryan was also shot in the arm, but was still able to comfort his best friend during his final minutes.

“Scott was in his arms, he was right next to him, he was there for the last words, so I can’t even imagine what he’s going through today,” she said.

Jeana said Scott Beary was more than just a great co-worker, he was practically family.

“The guys have taken it really rough,” said Sellenhuetter.

She said her heart is broken for Beary’s wife, and three surviving children.

“I’ve called Christy, even just sitting on the phone in silence. There’s not much you can say to comfort her especially after all of us just went through burying the baby,” she said.

Scott and Christy had a fourth child, only on this earth for 11 days, before taking her last breath last week. They buried her on Friday.

“It’s just not fair,” said Sellenhuetter.

In addition to being a father, Scott’s kids also called him coach.

That’s how Matthew Crosby and he first met on the softball diamond.

“I mean I just don’t have the words, it’s so sad and tragic,” said Crosby.

Crosby knows, perhaps better than anyone, what it’s like to be the victim of gun violence.

He found himself on the other side of a loaded gun back in 2010, while responding to a domestic violence call as a police officer.

“It breaks my heart what he went through, he adds.

There are no right words, enough right answers for Sellenhuetter.

“What makes someone so angry to take a father of 4 from his family,” she said.

In the meantime, they both plan to shower Scott’s family with as much love as possible.

“Just be there for each other and get through this,” she said.

Between hospital bills, and now two funerals to pay for, the Beary family could be facing a mountain of bills.

Jeana has set up a GoFundMe account. To donate, click here.