ST. LOUIS — A homeowner in the Shaw neighborhood, captured on surveillance video a thief in no hurry to get away Tuesday.

The video camera — attached to his mailbox — showed a so-called porch pirate walking up minutes after two packages had been delivered. The thief grabbed the deliveries and sat down on the porch to open them.

Moments later, the thief takes a brand new iPhone out of its box, looks at the camera, and puts it is pocket as he runs off.

"They know they're being videoed they just don't think they'll get caught,” homeowner Shaun Barbour said.

He and his husband moved into the neighborhood about a year ago. He says this is his first unsettling experience with thieves. He watched the video in real time on his phone from work.

"I didn't know what to do. I can't get home in time before he's gone,” Barbour said.

He reported the theft to police and called Verizon. Verizon immediately deactivated the phone, and they’re sending him a new one.

Barbour says the experience doesn’t change the way he feels about the neighborhood.

"We have one mailman that knows the camera's there, and he does a dance for us some days, so I feel the camera's actually connected us to the community a bit,” he said.